Welcome to Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Have you ever been to The Lodge in Williamsport, PA? If not, you’re really missing out. Not content with being just another “burger joint” or “wing place”, but also not wanting to stray away from the foods they know best, The Lodge offers a very unique experience. Imagine a dining experience that is a bit more refined and elegant than you might be used to. Then imagine that when you open the menu, you don’t see things like caviar, but burgers and nachos instead. It’s not hard to see why The Lodge has been able to find a strong following, not just among the upper class, but among the burger-munchers as well.

Located at 2019 E Third St in Williamsport, The Lodge Bar and Grill is a great place to meet friends, for drinks or food, after work or any time of day. The atmosphere makes it a great place to just chill and talk but there is usually somewhat of a crowd, so if you are there to meet new people, it should’t be too hard. Don’t be scared off by the crowd part, it doesn’t usually get too packed, like some places that end up feeling more like a dance club.

Of course, most people come for the beer, burgers and chicken wings, but there is lots on the menu besides just that. The regulars all recommend their excellent wraps, and if you have a sweet tooth, their cheesecake is one of the best in the area. While we won’t tell you to make sure you finish your dinner before moving on to something like cheesecake, we think their juicy burgers will help to make that decision for you.

So if you happen to be in the area, stop in and give The Lodge a try, you won’t regret it!